Choosing a Toothbrush


Choosing a toothbrush is one of the most important decisions a patient can make regarding his or her dental care.  Making the correct choice is entirely individual and must be made by your dentist.

Brushes are made with  various levels of firmness.  They are made with hard bristles, medium bristles, soft bristles, and extra-soft bristles.  The bristles used on the toothbrushes for small children are usually extra-soft.

Making the choice with your dentist is crucial to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. The dentist is educated and well-informed, and has experience with every brand of toothbrush on the market.  She will know precisely which bristle strength and level of pressure you should use when brushing your teeth.  After an exam, the dentist can see the condition of your teeth and gums and find a match for you.

Every well-known toothbrush manufacturer makes a bristle of each strength.  Each large manufacturer also make toothbrushes with varied bristles shape and form.  These bristle configurations are meant to fit around teeth for a more effective cleaning.  The dentist will also take this into consideration when choosing a toothbrush best for your dental needs.

No matter which level of firmness she chooses for you, always, always brush gently.  Force on teeth and gums can spell disaster for dental health.  Gums are especially sensitive and once damaged, reversing the damage is unlikely.  Hard brushing can lead to gum recession and exposed nerve.  It is as unpleasant as it seems!

An important thing to remember is to stay away from off-brand or ultra cheap toothbrushes as they are often made with inferior materials.  Be especially cautious when choosing for your small children as a potentially defective product can be dangerous.

It may seem that a toothbrush is a small part in dental care; perhaps even an insignificant part of dental in the minds of some people. The facts are that most patients only see the dentist twice a year, so the other 363 days a year you are in charge of your dental care.  How you care for your teeth and what you use to care for your teeth are crucial to gaining and maintaining good dental health.

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