Dental Disease

Dental Disease

A dental family practice should function to treat the entire family.  Our office treats patients of all ages, both genders, and for all types of dental issues.

Cleanings, fillings, implants, crowns, whitening, pre-orthodontic diagnoses,  dental sealants, gum laser treatment, periodontics, x-rays, salivary tests, old filling replacement, etc….We prescribe night guards, oral appliances, and medications for issues which can not be treated by over-the-counter medications.

In our office patient respect and confidentiality are extremely important.  Your privacy and dignity are among our top priorities.  Not all visits to the dentist are clear-cut.  A dental problem may in fact turn out to be a medical problem. Dr. Rapoport has many years’  experience and can make accurate and professional assessments.  If she feels it necessary, she will refer you to a specialist in either dental care or medical care.

Either one of those might be the case if what appears to be a dental condition turns out to be a sexually transmitted disease.  ANY venereal disease can be transmitted orally.  These would include herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia,  syphilis, Hepatitis, and the Human Papilloma Virus, (HPV.)

The dental dam is a preventative measure in aiding in the fight against transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.  No method is 100% safe, but any measure of defense is better than no defense.  A dental dam is a latex prophylactic used in dental offices to provide a sterile environment in the area in which the doctor is working.  It fits over and in the mouth.  The original use for this was specifically for dental use only, but has become useful in reducing the risk of transmitting and spreading venereal disease.

This may feel embarrassing, but remember, the dentist is a medical professional and her regard for your confidentiality and your well-being are what is most important to her.  You may ask her any questions you wish.  Dr. Rapoport will treat every patient with skill and compassion.

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