Laser Dentistry

Laser DentistryLaser Dentistry may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but it is very real.  Dentistry has made enormous progress in the past few decades, and the adoption of Laser Dentistry as part of care and treatment has made something once thought out of the realm of possibility, a reality.

The laser itself is an instrument which  gives forth a precise beam of light energy.  This beam causes a reaction when it comes in contact with the target area and can remove or re-shape tissue.

Lasers have been used in dentistry since 1990.  They can be used safely and thoroughly for any number of dental treatments.  The dentist will assess your teeth and make a determination with regard to a care plan and which tools are best suited for your treatment.

There are many benefits to using laser dentistry.  The dentist may not have to use a drill nor any anesthesia for your procedure.  This will make the dental treatment experience much less anxiety producing and for the exceptionally anxious patient, this can make a world of difference in seeking treatment promptly.
In addition, lasers can decrease symptoms and in healing time which can result from traditional treatments.  They can also reduce the amount of bacteria which can result from diseased gum tissue or cavities.  The laser can also help control bleeding during a dental surgery.

Dental Lasers are safe if used by a dentist trained in proper  operation and in accordance with accepted dental standards.  Special sunglasses are necessary to protect against eye exposure.
The benefits of Laser Dentistry are numerous.  The laser causes less pain, helps reduce bleeding, sterilizes the surgical sites, coagulates blood vessels, cauterizes nerve endings, and promotes faster healing.

Laser Dentistry methods include the following procedures for treatment:
  • reduction of the pain associated with canker and cold sores
  • exposure of partially erupted wisdom teeth
  • removing muscle attachments which limit proper movement
  • managing gum tissue during impressions for crowns and other procedures
  • removing overgrown tissues caused by certain medications
  • performing biopsies
  • removing inflamed gum tissues and aid in treatments for gum diseases
  • removing or reshaping gum tissue and bone during crown lengthening
  • helping in treating infections in root canals
  • speeding up tooth whitening routine

The doctor with laser credentials and expertise can make or break a dental treatment.  Please, make an appointment and cover all your options.  It will be much less painful than you may think.

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